A New Beginning For Queensland Tourism

The Great Keppel Island (GKI) Revitalisation Plan will deliver Australia’s most exciting new tourism resort on the doorstep of Central Queensland. It will also be the first Green Globe certified resort in the Great Barrier Reef.

The Plan includes a new beachfront hotel at Fisherman’s Beach, several styles of low rise resort accommodation, a marina, retail village, day spa, Greg Norman designed golf course, upgraded airstrip, Research Centre and a 575 hectare Environmental Protection Area.

The brand new tourism resort will be able to be accessed and enjoyed by the entire Central Queensland community and make the Region an even greater place to live. Children, teenagers, families, the elderly and disabled will all be able to safely access the Island and appreciate the facilities that the new Resort will have to offer.

The new GKI Resort aims to become an integral part of the regional community, a facility that will provide local residents with fun, excitement and entertainment on a level currently unrivalled in Central Queensland.

The GKI Revitalisation Plan Team is pleased to announce that the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the new Resort has now been completed and lodged with the State and Federal Governments. The EIS took almost two years to complete and involved the input of over 90 expert consultants. This has resulted in the most rigorous environmental assessment ever undertaken on the Island. A copy of the complete EIS is provided on this website and we welcome you to read through it.

The project will deliver significant economic, social and community benefits to the Rockhampton Region including:

  1. Unrivalled community lifestyle benefits,
  2. Improved access to the Island,
  3. Economic diversity for the Region,
  4. Creation of 1,400 new jobs,
  5. Increased tourism visitation and spend, and
  6. Will be a leader in environmental sustainable tourism.

This great opportunity for a new Resort on the Island will only be approved with the support of its community. If you do support the project, please register your support on the website.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new Resort soon.

The GKI Revitalisation Plan is proud to support the CQNRL Bid

CQ NRL Bid Supporter