Sustainable water use

The GKI Resort has a strong focus on reducing water use, water harvesting and recycling. Each of the Eco-villas will be fitted with a rainwater tank.

A mainland water connection will be provided to guarantee to meet supply of the Resort’s water demands and supplement rainwater harvesting.

The Resort will incorporate a range of water efficient fixtures. These will include: water efficient showers, taps and toilets; smart appliances such as dishwashers and clothes washing machines; smart meters on water supply and recycled water supply pipe lines; and the installation of smart pipe line technology, able to sense and alarm high flows and leaks in supply networks.

Outdoor water demand will be reduced through the use of native plant species, low-water demand grasses, drip irrigation and smart irrigation controls such as rain sensors.

The GKI Revitalisation Plan is proud to support the CQNRL Bid

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